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The Twin Baby Shower List I Wish I had... One, Two or Many??


  • Bassinet (I used the Graco twin pack n play and loved it- we use it as a play pen now!)

  • Baby monitor/camera. (I like the summer brand with two cameras)

  • Bottle dryer (I like the Lawn one)

  • Dishwasher basket for bottle parts (you don’t want to wash everything by hand all the time!)

  • Colorful playmat with music and arches.

  • Twinz pillow (BEST INVESTMENT WE MADE!!!)

  • Swing (get a small one that doesn’t take up much room- they don’t use this very long!)

  • Exercauser

  • Fisher Price Jumperoo

  • Standing Play Table

  • Package of interlocking pads for the floor (Home Depot has these)

  • Backyard tent

  • Shopping cart cover

  • Blocks with age for pictures

  • Fisher Price Aquarium Bath tub (get one that has a thermometer on it so it tells you if the water is too hot for the baby)

  • First Aid Kit

  • Diaper bag- fill with diapers, travel wipes, zinc, infant Tylenol, gas drops, blanket, bottle cooler, diaper trash bags,

  • Draft Laundry Detergent (wash everything in this before they wear it to prevent rashes!)

  • Carriage #1(one that your car seat can click into!) Joovy Twin Roo is my recommendation.

  • Carriage #2 (single one if you are taking one baby out!)

  • Carriage #3- Jogging stroller (these are great if you are doing a lot of outside walking!)

  • Carriage #4- My splurge was the city mini double. I just bought it to replace the joovy I sold now that the kids are out of infant car seats!

TWO (we had the twins in two different bedrooms):

  • Cribs

  • Crib mattresses

  • Breathable bumpers

  • Rocking chair/glider (great for those late night snuggles!)

  • Changing table/dresser

  • Changing table pad

  • Basket for diapers, wipes, supplies on the changing table!

  • Rock n plays (these are easy to move and great for napping anywhere! They also vibrate!)

  • Diaper genie and diaper genie refills

  • Hamper (I recommend one with a cloth insert that you can take out and throw in the wash. Ours was just a canvas hamper and grew mold from the wet clothes so we’re on hamper #2!)

  • Sound machine (we have a small Graco one and it’s great!)

  • Cool mist humidifiers (great when the baby has a cold)

  • Rotating Fans

  • Closet dividers (help you organize the baby’s clothes by size)

  • Two Formula mixing pitcher (if you are planning on using powder formula)- Dr Browns

  • Two Peg Perego high chair (expensive but the best investment we’ve made!)

  • Two Travel high chair (they can attach to any chair so great if going to Nana’s or a restaurant!)

  • Two Boppy pillows and covers (I love the pottery barn kids covers)

  • Bouncy seat

  • Two Baby books (one for each)

  • Baby’s First Photo Album (one for each)

  • Arch for the rock n play (one for each and great to entertain the twins)

  • Baby Bjorn baby carrier

  • Sophie the giraffe teether

  • Infant Car seats (we have the Graco snug ride 35 click n connect and love it!)

  • Extra car seat bases

  • Car seat covers (JJ Cole brand is good!)

  • Convertible Car Seats (we have 4, two for each car)

  • Car mirrors (so you can see the baby when driving!)

  • Window Shades

  • Mosquito netting for the car seat (great for summer walks!


  • Bassinet sheets (at least 3)

  • Crib sheets (Buy 3 fitted sheets for the mattress per kid. Don’t bother with the cute crib sets because you can’t use the blanket or bumper they come with- I’d buy sheets and maybe a crib skirt!)

  • Receiving blankets for swaddling

  • Waterproof crib mattress cover (get 2 per crib)

  • Changing table covers (get at least 3 of these because they get peed on a lot!)

  • Wubunub pacifiers (get two per kid!- these are also on amazon)

  • Loveys (one for diaper bag and one for room)

  • Halo Sleep sacks (get in a variety of sizes and have at least 3 per kid in each size for spitting up and peeing through diaper so you don’t have to do laundry every day!)

  • Baby hangers!

  • Dr. Brown’s bottles (lots of parts but help with gas!) and a bottle heater (if you get the Dr. Browns Starter Set, I think it comes with one! If you are breastfeeding, I’d start with the starter set and then you can always buy more bottles later if you end up doing more bottle feeding)

  • Dr Brown’s nipples in a variety of sizes

  • Sippy cups

  • Munchkin brand spoons

  • Plastic bowls

  • Bibs (get a ton!)

  • Cloth diapers (these are the best burp cloths)

  • Pack n play and sheets! (Great for sleeping when traveling or can be used as a play pen!)

  • Teething toys (Lamaze brand are great!)

  • Squishy blocks!

  • Lots of books!

  • Zip onesies (your baby will live in these morning and night in the infant stage! Snaps are the worst at 2am!)

  • Lots of socks (I swear we lose ten in every load of laundry!)

  • Hats until its warm out

Hygiene/Medicine List

  • Pampers Swaddler Diapers in many sizes! (The newborn ones only fit until like 10 lbs. so they aren’t in those long!)

  • Pampers Sensitive Wipes

  • Zinc (best thing for diaper rashes)

  • Baby Wash (shampoo/body wash)

  • Bath towels/face cloth (we also got a ton of these as baby gifts)

  • Infant Tylenol

  • Infant Advil (you can’t give them this until they are 6 months though)

  • Little Remedies Gas drops

  • Little Remedies Stuffy Nose Kit

  • Aveeno baby lotion

  • Nose Frida

  • Thermometer

  • Baby Grooming Kit (usually has a brush, nail clipper, nail file, etc.)

Breastfeeding/Pumping (for you mom!)

  • Medela Quick Clean wipes for pumps

  • Medela disposable nursing pads (wear these in your bra so you don’t leak)

  • Medela hydrogel pads (these are soothing for your nipples when they kill and you can put them in the fridge for a real treat!)

  • Lanolin ointment

  • Tank tops that unclip on the shoulder for easy access

  • Nursing bras or comfy sports bras

  • Long sleeve shirts that button up or zip all the way up

  • Loose underwear and pads (you are going to bleed for weeks and it’s totally normal)

Hope this helps!! Twin moms need to stick together!

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